Merlin Inflatables

We offer a full and professional service from enquiry to delivery, working with you throughout the process to ensure that you receive a product, small or large quantities, that we will all be proud of.

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Merlin Inflatables: Blimps, Balloons, Spheres, Roof Toppers, Product Replicas in the UK.


Concept and Visualisation

After having received your initial enquiry, our input is immediate, offering practical applications to your projects combining design and artistic solutions. When a mutual agreement of the structure is decided a visual can then be provided and where appropriate this can be converted to a mock-up or full blown prototype. 


The process of manufacture and advice of fabric will depend on the type of inflatable being constructed. Consideration of the client's requirements is paramount and keeping them informed on progress of the manufacturing is seen as vitally important. For small point of sale items various thicknesses of PVC will be high frequency welded together to form the inflatable. Giant cold air inflatables will normally be constructed from strong lightweight nylon fabric, sewn together and fitted with an electric inflation fan blower.

Distribution and Installation

Large inflatables and helium filled products can be operated easily if practical installation demonstrations are carried out. Merlin can offer this service either as an onsite installation by one of our team of skilled operators or an inhouse demo at our factory.