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With years of expertise in inflatable products and a little magic thrown in our Inflatables will help make your advertising campaign come alive! We offer a unique personal service to assist you through the process to create your bespoke Inflatable.

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Merlin Inflatable Advertising

Fly in the sky -
Advertising blimps spheres special shapes.

Fly in the sky

Advertising blimps, spheres special shapes.

Astound on the ground -
Bespoke giant inflatable’s from 30mts to 10mts.

Astound on the ground

Bespoke giant inflatables from 30m to 10m.

Inflate interest -
Product replicas for instore or roadshow promotions.

Inflate interest

Inflatable product replicas for in store and for giveaways at roadshows.

Merlin Bespoke Inflatables

Bespoke Merlin Inflatable’s

At Merlin we’re involved in advertising inflatables designed to deliver impact, whether it is an inflatable blimp, product replica or a giant troll juggling fish. We aim to fulfil your every expectation with the best results anywhere in the UK, tell us about your order.

Specsavers Inflatables Testimonials

"The inflatables looked brilliant over the weekend at the seminar"

Russell Meakin, Specsavers Optical Group