Merlin Inflatables

As a marketing tool cold air filled giant Inflatables have the ability to create valuable product awareness which is retained for a long period of time. They are easy to transport and simple to operate.

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Giant Inflatables

There’s no better way to create awareness of your product than larger than life PVC Inflatables!

Either ground standing, to hang in store, or helium filled. No one can fail to miss them! PVC Inflatables are light, easy to transport and easy to install making them a very versatile marketing tool. A PVC Inflatable can also be used as a promotional giveaway or as part of a marketing mail shot.

Merlin Inflatables only use high grade PVC with up to 6 colour screen print or digital print to reproduce your branding. To make your Brand or Product Launch stand out from the rest, Merlin inflatables offer a full design service through to production and delivery. You can choose the size to suit your purpose, from 20cm to 30ft tall.

If you have an in-store promotion or outdoor event, Merlin Inflatables can provide an operator where we will inflate and install the PVC Inflatable for you.

Merlin Inflatable Giant Inflatables

Merlin Inflatable Billboards & Signs

Billboards & Signs

Inflatable signage is cost effective and easily transported and detachable banners make them extremely versatile.

Merlin Inflatable Giant Characters

Giant Characters

Giant inflatable characters always attract attention.

Merlin Inflatable Giant Product Replicas

Giant Product Replicas

Giant product replicas make your product stand out.

Merlin Inflatable Rooftoppers


Roof space may provide a valuable advertising platform for Inflatables.

Merlin Inflatable Seasonal Inflatables

Seasonal Inflatables

Changing Inflatables with the seasons keeps interest in your products.

Merlin Inflatable Blowers & Fans

Blowers & Fans

Blowers, internal and external, and pumps are all available.