Merlin Inflatables

Whether participating or spectating Inflatables can play a part! From inflatable balls to inflatable goalposts your sporting activity or event will be enhanced and remembered.

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Sports & Leisure

If you are launching a product and need to generate maximum interest inflatables for sport are very interactive and raise brand awareness.

When it comes to sports Inflatables contact Merlin for your promotional sports advertising products.

We customise everything from inflatable football goal posts to giant inflatable rugby balls, giant inflatable tennis balls, inflatable footballs all creating instant brand awareness.

Inflatable goal posts can be used for indoor and outdoor events, an eye-catching inflatable that displays your logo and promoting your product.

A giant rugby ball guarantees to attract attention when used as a promotional tool at sports arenas.

Our inflatable chairs can be designed to represent footballs, rugby balls, tennis balls all very collectable and ensuring constant awareness of your brand.

Merlin Inflatable Sports & Leisure

Merlin Inflatable Beach


Easy to pack, easy to inflate and easy to deflate, these Inflatables are ideal for the beach.

Merlin Inflatable Chairs


Inflatable chairs are ideal for providing a comfortable setting at roadshow events and presentations.

Merlin Inflatable Sofas


Inflatable sofas provide more space for branding.

Merlin Inflatable Sports & Leisure


Inflatable footballs, inflatable rugby balls, inflatable goalposts, inflatable hands and stix.