Merlin Inflatables

If your product has a character or mascot then let Merlin Inflatables make him stand out from the crowd! PVC Inflatable characters can be produced in any shape. They are great fun and will help promote your company.

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Characters & Mascots

Many leading brands use a character such as Tetley Tea Tasters to associate their products with a friendly and memorable image that makes them stand out from their competitors and emphasis’s a company’s unique qualities.

Infalatables either small enough to be enclosed in a mail shot or large enough to be used at road shows, events, or exhibitions, Merlin can provide a range of options.

Merlin Inflatable Characters & Mascots

Merlin Inflatable Animals


Inflatable animals of all shapes and sizes will delight all who see them.

Merlin Inflatable Cartoon


Cartoon characters are ideal subjects for Inflatables. We can produce your inflatable mascot or character larger than life. Easily inflated creating instant interest.

Merlin Inflatable Characters


Our inflatable character promotional items create high visibility and make creative in-store displays. Larger than life Inflatables can reinforce a company’s promotion.

Merlin Inflatable Walkabout Costumes


Imagine your product coming to life as a larger than life blow up character distributing your literature to a public attracted by this novel inflatable costume.