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They say no news is good news but we would just like to show you some recent projects we have been involved with.

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We were pleased to receive the enquiry from The Blind Veterans UK organisation who together with other charities do fantastic work for our Armed Forces and National Service Veterans.

As a small part of the publicity to celebrate their 100 years of Service Centenary celebrations they required an inflatable to be supplied and installed in a prominent position on one of the major traffic routes into London.

Since early February we have worked closely with the Blind Veterans and Vanguard Storage to develop a bespoke inflatable to offer maximum visibility and to fit the confines of the installation location on top of a tower.

The three parties involved worked closely together and resulted in what they agree ticked all the right boxes and in a very successful promotion.

Here’s what Vanguard Chairman Mac McCullagh said:

“We are delighted with the quality of your Blind Veterans UK inflatable, it is of robust construction and to date has withstood reasonably high winds of approximately 25mph.
“Your internal cross ties have proved remarkably successful and they maintain the shape regardless of wind direction. The red nylon straps have proved to date to be satisfactory.
“We will keep you posted of any changes, to date your inflatable has proven to be remarkably successful.”